Jack Calder

› With 50 years of Potato experience
› Was the Vice President of Operations for Ochoa Foods
› Directed production of all major chain products worldwide.
› Including Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Denny’s,
› Jack in the Box, Chile’s TGIF, & Shoney’s
› Director of Process Development for J.R. Simplot Co.
› Assisted in process development in Canada, Chile, China, Australia, and Europe.
› Director of Manufacturing for Carnation/Nestle
› Multiple Plant responsibilities for 17 years
› Single Plant Manager for 10 years
› Shift Supervisor in Potato Plant.

Bill Engles

› Over 45 years experience food processing
› Experience in frozen Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, Peas, Green Beans and other vegetable products.
› Experience in Dehydrated products, Potato flakes, Potato Dices, Potato slices and Fruits.
› Projects in Canada, Chile, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Uzbekistan, › Kazakhstan, China and South Africa.
› Multiple plant responsibilities for 20 years
› Shifts supervisor in Potato Plant
› Project Manager Carnation, Nestle, Lamb Weston
› Project Engineer Nestle, J.R. Simplot Co.
› Plant Engineering manager Carnation/Nestle
› Director of Engineering Ochoa Foods
› Owned a Food processing consulting company for 6 years.

Andrew W. Green, P.Eng.

› Over 25 years of Engineering and Plant Maintenance experience in the Food Processing industry, including SAP Plant Maintenance.
› Andrew has extensive experience in:
› Frozen Potato Products; French Fries, Fresh/Fried Specialty Products, Potato Shells, Twice Baked Potatoes, Mashed, Shreds, Sweet Potato Products
› Frozen and RTS Prepared Foods Products: Entrées, Desserts (Cakes, Pies, and Enrobed), Appetizers
› Green Crop Vegetable Products, Pizza Products, Frozen and Aseptic Juice
› Most recently Andrew was the Business Process Owner (BPO), Plant › Maintenance, Global for the McCain Foods SAP Conversion.
› He has International Experience working in Canada, United States, England, France, Poland, Argentina, Australia.
› Andrew was the Plant Engineering Manager for the McCain Foods USA facility in Plover WI and prior to that, Othello WA.
› He has also held the position of Senior Project Engineer, McCain Foods Limited, during which he was the Project Manager for the Green Field Plant Construction in Balcarce, Argentina and also for a Major Factory Expansion in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Gary Decoteau

› Over 40 years Food Processing experience
› Frozen, Refrigerated and Dehydrated Foods to include Potatoes, Vegetables and Specialty products
› Quality and Food Safety Systems Implementation, Management and Auditing
› Co-manufacturer and Contract manufacturing to include Management, Quality and Food Safety
› Technical Support to Sales and Customers
› International Business Experience
› Manager, Co-Manufacturer Quality Lamb Weston/ConAgra
› VP Quality Ochoa Foods
› VP Operations AVIKO USA
› VP Technology Purely Supreme Foods
› Plant Manager Westnut, AVIKO USA
› Division Quality Assurance Manager Cavendish Farms
› Division Quality Assurance Manager Universal Frozen Foods
› Research Technologist JR Simplot, Company
› Consultant to Food Industry Clients projects included Quality Systems › Implementation, Process
› Improvement, Business Planning, Monitoring of Contract Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing.

Pete Schell

› 45 years experience
› Co-business owner for 35 years.
› Projects in U.S., Canada, China, Russia, Peru.
› Process & Piping Designer, Project Manager, and Construction Supervisor.
› Experienced as CAD operator, Machine Designer, Heavy-Equipment Designer. Have done much work on Plant Process Line Layouts, including two greenfield projects.
› Food Processing (Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Corn, Onions, Cranberries, Grains, Sugar, String Cheese, Natural Cheese and Cream Cheese)
› Work with structural engineers designing equipment supports and major structures.
› Additional experience in Mining/Milling, Chemical production, and Timber/Wood, Paper/Pulp and Power Co-Generation.
› Electrical experience: MCC Layouts, Power distribution, Instrumentation.
› R&D work for potato processor.
› Equipment Operator Training

Bruce Harold , P.E

› 25 years in the food processing industry
› 3 years managing the Engineering and Construction of a Potato Processing plant in Canada.
› 14 years managing the Engineering and Maintenance functions for the Nestle Potato Division.
› 2 Years managing the Engineering and construction of the addition of 2 processing lines to a potato processing plant.
› 3.5 years managing the design and construction of freeze drying facilities.
› 4 years in the chemical industry Managing the Engineering, Maintenance and Construction functions of a processing plant.
› 4 years in the paper industry doing mechanical design, Maintenance management and Construction management.
› 4 years with Boeing designing and testing missile systems

Bill Wilson, P.E.

› 28 years of diversified food processing engineering, maintenance and operations management experience at U.S., Canadian & European facilities.
› 7 years micronutrient fertilizer manufacturing engineering and production management experience.
› 6 years performing highly technical industrial energy systems assessments evaluating steam, process heating, pumping, refrigeration systems and CHP potential.
› Engineering & Maintenance Manager – Nestle & J.R. Simplot Co.
Senior Project Engineer – Nestle.
› Technical Operations Director – Canadian Inovatech (now Neova Technologies).
› Plant Engineer & Asst. Plant Superintendent – U & I Sugar.
› Experience with frozen potatoes, cheese processing, whey processing, whey, egg and pancreatic enzyme extraction, and sugar refining.
› Experience with dehydrated products including: potatoes, eggs, instant coffee, instant tea, milk, fractionated whey products and various freeze-dry products.
› Superb capabilities for performing process design and analysis including utility systems, process heating/cooling, concentration and drying systems.
› Project engineering, project installation management, and commissioning responsibilities for capital projects in excess of $30MM.
› Nationally recognized (U.S. Dept. of Energy) steam system, process heating system and combined heat and power (CHP) technology application expertise.

Bill Casey

› Over 31 years’ experience food processing
› Experience in frozen Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Pasta and Candy products.
› Project Manager Golden Grain, Vernells Candies and Pasta USA.
› Process Engineer Barry-Wehmiller
› Project Engineer Golden Grain, Nestle, J.R. Simplot Co., Lamb Weston
› Plant Engineering manager Vernells Candies
› Owned a Food Engineering consulting company for 3 years
› Graduated University of Washington BA Mechanical Engineering 1983

Phil Scheler

› Industrial Engineering Degree from Oregon State University. Specializing in all aspects of Welding, Metallurgy, Machine Shop, Foundry and Business management. 3yrs US Army Field Radio Repair.
› 6 years at Oregon Saw Chain and Hyster Forklift Company as a mechanical designer, project engineer, maintenance supervisor and a lift truck field service engineer.
› 6 years as a cattle rancher and land developer. The land development included the building water reservoirs and ditches, irrigation well drilling and taking ground out of sage brush and putting it into grain, alfalfa and pasture.
› 21 years as an owner of a large steel fabrication shop that built and installed equipment for saw mills, aluminum plants, oil fields and gold mines. Extensive designs and installations on self-cleaning irrigation pump screens for irrigation ditches and reservoirs. Holder of 2 patents.
› 11 years as a production supervisor, maintenance supervisor and project engineer in Conagra/Lamb Weston potato and vegetable plants. Did video shooting and editing of plant equipment as it was installed by different manufactures. These video were then used to train the plants machinery operators and maintenance crews.

Dean Martinez

› 19 years of experience in food processing and manufacturing industries.
› Managed various manufacturing plant and corporate functions including, Human Resources, Training and Development, Procurement and Supply Chain and Information Technology.
› Managed companywide training and development effort consisting of operations and maintenance technical training, supervisory development and various other training programs including plant safety training and human resources training.
› Designed, developed and delivered multiple training programs including leadership training, lean manufacturing concepts, operations technical training, and human resource practices.
› Led the successful turnaround and start-up of various manufacturing facilities.
› Managed the acquisition, integration and organizational change efforts of two company purchases.
› Production Supervisor at Lamb Weston.
› Graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Business Administration specializing in Management and Organization

Joe Martinez

› Over 43 years experience in frozen food processing
› National Frozen Foods, corn, peas, baby carrots , sugar snap peas, lima beans
› Experience in French Fries, seasoned potatoes wedges , sweet potatoes, potato flakes and granules with Carnation, Lamb Weston, Logan International and Ochoa Foods
› Worked projects in Chile
› Packaging supervisor, processing supervisor, shift supervisor, production manager, plant manager.
› Project manager

Tom Martinez

› In the Potato Industry for 40 plus years
› Began potato processing career in a potato plant on the line
› Most recently was the President of Ochoa Foods, a producer of Potato products
› Prior to Ochoa Foods was the Director of Human Resources, Food Group, J.R. Simplot Co.
› At Carnation/Nestle, headed high performance work team development, all human resource functions, and was on the potato business council which ran the business unit. Was the Director of Administrative Services overseeing Administration, IT, Purchasing and Human Resources.

Steve Brown

› 36 years of progressive management experience
› Vice President of Logistics for Ochoa Foods
› Senior Director of Logistic J.R. Simplot’s Food Groups distribution and freight
› Director of Logistic for Nestlé’s Potato Division
› Managed inbound logistics for Frito-Lay Inc,
› Production Scheduling Manager Del Monte Inc.
› Field representative and production supervisor of Bellingham Frozen Foods

Megan O’Hara

› Over 28 years of financial accounting experience
› Currently Chief Financial Officer for a group of 8 operating entities
› Owned Certified Public Accounting firm for 19 years
› Plant Controller for Nestle Potato Plant
› Division Accountant for Carnation Potato Division
› Marketing Intern for IBM Corp
› Graduated from Carroll College with degrees in Accounting, Finance, and Business Administration
› Certified Public Accountant

Roger Erdmann

› 26 years of Warehousing experience
› 18 years experience as warehouse manager
› Labor consultant and developer of ELM (Erdmann Labor Management) for AmeriCold Logistics..
› 10 + years experience as trainer, developer and implementer of various Warehouse Management Systems utilizing on time inventory controls through RF technology.
› Ability to create complex programs in Excel utilizing advanced formulas, macros and sql. queries tying into the WMS database.
› Safety trainer. Forklift instructor.
› Strong ability to resolve and eliminate customer issues.