Providing Trained Human Resources for Operations Management and IT

At Project Resources International, LLC, we see training, human resources and operations management as an investment into the cost efficiency of your food processing company. In today’s work environment, it is critical to have trained employees with the right understanding of optimal human resources and processing plant operations management to fully gear your business to work as a well-oiled machine. These trained employees need to have critical skills in the components of running a food processing plant, including quality assurance, personal safety, food safety, operational requirements and efficiency.

PRI will assist you in making the right investment of the human resources personnel in your food processing plant’s business needs, including job-specific training programs, position specific skill requirements, job skill evaluations, on-the-job training, and regular evaluations. Training management and HR is as critical for the peak performance of your company as employee training and PRI will assist you in finding the right training programs to develop your employees, HR, and management to run at their peak ability to meet your business goals.

The Importance of Your Operations Management

At PRI we understand how important your operations management and human resources teams are, after all they are responsible for overseeing, designing, controlling, and evaluating the plant production operations and the productions of goods and services. They are responsible for ensuring that your business runs at peak performance with as much efficiency to peak performance as humanly possible. Your operations managers are the connective tissue between your employees, your processing plant, and your business and financial managers. OM’s hold your company together and keep people moving together like a symphony of exquisite music.

The Importance of your Human Resources Team

PRI knows how important your human resources team is to keeping your company energized and synergistic. Human resources need to be trained in the specifics of your company and handling your specific type of employee make up. Your human resources management team helps guide your employees, managing employee conflict, and keeps apprised of your employee’s needs, scheduled, and much more. Think of operations management as your employee management team. PRI can help you find the best people to make up this team and the right training, tools, and abilities to effectively manage your crew.

Your operations management and human resources management teams keep your business running, your employees happy, your equipment in repair, your business productive, and your operations passing inspection. Ensure your management teams have the right blend of applied people skills, applied sciences training, creativity, rational thinking ability, and technical knowledge by letting Product Resources International help you find and train the right teams for your food production plant.

Let Product Resources International, LLC, Help You Build an Efficient Team

At PRI our goal is to help you develop your food production business to its maximum potential and lower the operating costs of your facilities. With options for accelerated training and adoption of new resources and technologies, we can help improve the bottom line of your production business while giving you complete control of operations. By out-tasking services to the right training professionals, we will assist you in freeing up more of your valuable time and resources while efficiently meeting your facility’s needs in human resources.

We help you to develop HR and OM teams with the right skills to primitively assess your company’s needs and risks who can efficiently manage your business’s infrastructure to produce and maintain efficient plant operations. We do this by drawing on all of our resources to understand your company and develop a team of specialists who can hire, train and integrate management teams with the right skills and skill subsets in the following areas:

› Better working conditions
› Comprehensive Ability Training
› Cost control
› Creativity development
› Employee leadership training
› Factory management
› HACCP certification
› Higher quality products
› Industrial labor relations
› Logistics training
› Maintenance management
› Materials planning skills
› People skills
› Problem solving skills
› Problem solving mindset
› Process management
› Production management equipment training
› Productivity analysis abilities
› Risk assessment
› Risk management
› Skilled position training
› Supervisor training
› Technology Training

By taking a proactive approach in training employees and management teams before and then during employment, PRI can ensure a cost efficient team geared for the success of your company and needs. PRI provides consistent monitoring and training with complete transparency to you, which helps you better assess risk, solve problems, and develop working solutions for peak production efficiency.

Improve Management Services and Save Money

We help you develop a team to create peak operational efficiency through training through multiple resources. With PRI you have multiple resources for both human resources and operational management resources, training, development, and analysis to better manage the interactions between your crew, customers, shippers, and service teams. With PRI you have the ability to design the peak ecosystem for optimal operations functionality to provide the right services for your employees and customers. We make it easy to seamlessly build and scale your team for your growing business, integrate multiple resources and productions, automate processes and training, and eliminate inefficiencies in communications. We help you create transparency within your business to better support the collaboration of your team.

Our simplified approach to operations management training integrates the adoption of strategies that work for your business archetype with the technologies you need for continuous monitoring, evaluation, and communication. We help your team anticipate, identify, and resolve issues with more accuracy and speed while improving your control of your company. We understand how important an efficient HR and OM team is to improve your facility’s production, performance, reliability, and quality control.

What You Get with Production Resource International Operations Management Support

In addition to helping you choose, train, and integrate the right service teams for your crew and facilities, PRI helps you to manage your management team’s infrastructure, provides you with management tools, intelligence, analytics, and innovative solutions to better manage your management teams. You get remote monitoring of your company, performance analysis and support, collaboration, disruption reduction, operational efficiency improvement, and a skilled team of resolution and training specialists geared to your production type needs.

Product Resource International has a deep understanding of all aspects of food production regulations and management. In addition to assisting you with setting up your plant from the ground up, achieving compliance with safety regulations, training your employees to run your facilities, designing your logistics, and improving your risk management, PRI provides you with the comprehensive resources to build an efficient company with a detail to quality that will set your food production business apart in terms of efficiency and quality of product.

Let us help you design your business, whether you need human resources and operations management support, or you need to achieve HACCP compliance, or even redesign your company’s facilities for peak performance. We are here to manage your management and make sure your company not only stays completely up to date with technologies and human resource training, but also is set up for peak production efficiency and risk management. Why go elsewhere when Product Resources International, LLC helps you save money and helps you manage your investment with investments of training, knowledge, and performance. Let us help you to help your crew manage your food production business with minimal disruption to your facilities by hiring and training the right operations management for your business.