Process Management

Project Resources International, LLC can develop your total process management scheme by development of process lay outs using material balance analyses through each process…

,development of electronic process control methods, statistical process control, and the development of final quality grade at the last point in the process that each attribute is effected, and employee training to provide the knowledge to work with this.

Project Resources International, LLC can also work with you on cost savings to assure competitive capability or advantage

We believe that process control and statistical process control are vital in today’s Management of a food processing factories for delivering the customer high quality consistent product. Project Resources International has the resources to help you not only install the system but lead the factory in the cultural change to accomplish this task.

Project Resources International, LLC can work with you on any aspects of cost savings we have experience in total company cost savings programs.

› Process design to assure food safety, employee safety, and customers are getting exactly what they expect and there is a profit for the facility.
› Human resource analyses.
› Process control.
› System analysis through each part of the operation.
› Energy savings analyses, we would look at BTU’s per unit of manufactured goods and do analyses as to what it should be. Then lay out the process to achieve cost savings.