Management & Employee Training

Many Companies see Employee training as a “cost”. We at Project Resources International, LLC strongly believe that employee training is an “investment”, an investment no different than investing in a piece of equipment.

In today’s work environment it is critical that employees have a complete understanding of what their job requirements entail. They need to fully understand and recognize the critical components of their jobs including Quality, Personal Safety, Food Safety, Efficiencies and operational requirements.

PRI can assist in the development of job specific training programs. These programs would include job/position descriptions, job specific skill requirements, job skill evaluations, and job specific training and evaluations of the training.

Management Training is just as critical as employee training. PRI can assist in indentifying the business needs and develop the training programs to help the business meets its goals.

Succession planning is a critical component of successful organizations in assuring people are ready to step in to positions as attrition occurs as a result of retirements or people leaving the organization. PRI can assist those company’s interested in developing a succession plan to meet their future needs.