Factory Builds

Project Resources International, LLC designs and builds food processing plants with full consideration of your possible future needs, food processing technology, and any potential market shifts.

By fully maximizing your factory production, minimizing energy use and labor, we provide you with a processing plant that is will ultimately become your key to success. We join forces with you to renovate, expand, or create food processing facilities that help you to run operations which are cost effective.

We focus first on the specific processes you need in place to manufacture your product, and then seek to understand every aspect of your company. Only after we gain an understanding for that do we begin to focus on design, layout, and architecture. Our consultants and design team work seamlessly to build a food processing facility that meets your needs of today, while harnessing the potential of future.

Project Resources International, LLC fully understands the importance of the food processing industry to the world’s food supply. Before modern food processing techniques were introduced, the world’s food supply was subject to spoilage and a shortage of crops. Project Resources International believes that greater awareness of the merits of world class food processing will contribute to the achievement of bringing more quality food to the family table and help to alleviate poverty, improve food security and promote economic development.

Project Resources International, LLC are experts at food processing construction, and we believe that our job is to make the construction as hassle-free as possible for you so that you can focus on turning raw ingredients into the products we consume in our homes. Once the construction process is finished, you will have a food processing facility designed specifically with your company in mind, with the right food processing equipment for the food your company Produces.